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Piano Tuning Charges

My Charges vary according to the amount of work involved and the locality of the piano. Thus, the more work involved and the further I have to travel the higher the charge.

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Fine Tuning

When a piano is cared for correctly, that is to say, tuned and maintained on a regular basis (at least once a year, but twice is recommended) the instrument should just require a fine tuning. Each one of the 220 or so strings needing a fine or small adjustment to get the instrument into perfect tune.

Prices are as follows:
Localwithin 5 Miles£80
Medium5 to 11 Miles£85
Distantmore than 11 miles£90

Pitch Raising

When a piano is neglected, moved about or kept in a hostile environment the pitch can drop to a point where a fine tuning is not sufficient. It is necessary to carry out one or more rough tunings just to get the piano back to a point where a fine tuning will achieve the desired result. In all cases a huge amount of tension is being added to the structure of the piano which invariably makes it a little unstable in the short term. For this reason it is necessary for the piano to be tuned again within a shorter period than normal. Sometimes it may not be possible to raise the pitch of an instrument because of the state of the strings, tightness of the tuning pins etc. In all cases the piano tuner should always be able to make recommendations.

Small Pitch raise

If the overall pitch is no more than a quarter tone flat, in most cases, a rough tuning and a fine tuning is all that will be needed.

Prices are as follows:
Localwithin 5 Miles£120
Medium5 to 11 Miles£125
Distantmore than 11 miles£130

Larger Pitch Raises

When the pitch of the piano nears a semitone or more flat two or more rough tunings are required before a fine tuning can be achieved.

Prices are as follows:
Localwithin 5 Miles£160
Medium5 to 11 Miles£165
Distantmore than 11 miles£170

Repairs, Regulating and Voicing

I charge £50.00 per hour for the above work plus the cost of any parts used. I will always discuss any additional work before starting, making sure any additional cost is mutually agreed. This fee assumes I am already undertaking the tuning of the instrument at the same time.

How to get in touch:

Robin Foster M.A.B.P.T.
Telephone - 020 8427 1737 Mobile - 07956 297502
E-mail -
Snail mail - 25 Grosvenor Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 7AS, United Kingdom

Your questions and suggestions are always welcomed.

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