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Hints and Tips on Piano Care
The following are some hints, tips and advice on caring for your piano:

Have your piano tuned and serviced on a regular basis.

Avoid placement of the piano against an outside wall.

Position your piano in a cool room away from draughts and sources of heat.

Try and keep the temperature and humidity as constant as possible - this will help the stability of the tuning.

Encourage children to treat the piano with respect as banging on the keys with fists or toys can cause undue ware or broken keys or action parts.

Dust your piano occasionally with a soft dry cloth. Avoid spray polishes.

Avoid placing objects on top of the piano especially potted plants as water can drip onto the piano causing damage to the finish or worse seeping inside necessitating expensive repairs. Other items such as framed photographs can cause buzzing sounds when certain notes are played (sympathetic vibration).

Do not attempt to tune or service your piano yourself. You may not only harm the piano, but you could end up with a serious injury.

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